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Sadly, this site has nothing to do with J-Lo and her song of the same title.  I am called Jenny, and until recently, I lived in a building of council flats we call “the block”.

This started as a blog about my life in the biggest city in Europe – we lived in a small flat in the inner-city and we tried to love (and get to know) the people around us.  But then we moved to Luton, and are having to work out life all over again. The story continues.

We try to live simply (not spend much money and instead value things that you don’t have to buy), and in a way that does minimal damage to the planet which in many ways is a bad joke given the size of carbon footprint I accrued in the last decade working with Tearfund (there used to be a lot of travel stories on here because I got to meet some incredible people, through my job).  It really bothers me to think of the damage I inflict on the planet which I am supposed to be nurturing, and while giving up shampoo is hardly going to balance the carbon books, I am trying to change. I have finally found a job I can walk to from home which is a result!

We have a two small children, and that has changed a lot of things.  I didn’t want this to turn into a parenting blog, but I guess it’s inevitable that I end up writing about the thing I do every day – parenting.

Mostly it’s a collection of failed and occasionally successful experiments in trying to live a better way alongside my husband and my kids, my friends and neighbours, of projects and attempts at lifestyle change, thoughts, ideas and then a few guest posts from people helping me out on the journey.


I try to post every week, but in this season of small children, I make no promises!

You can follow this blog by subscribing via email (on the front page) on using the RSS feed.  I’m also on twitter – @jennyflannagan – and you might even like to follow @therubydolls (the theatre company I co-founded) and @youthscape (where I currently work).


The views represented her are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent the views of anyone else at all.  Although it’s nice if you agree with me.

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  2. Dorothy Chambers

    Hullo Jenny,
    Have just discovered your site, and Andy’s, thanks to giving a singing lesson to someone preparing Mary’s Song for her church carol service. I’m annoyed with myself for being so slow on discovering you both. I too am a ‘Jesus Feminist’, 65, but young for my age! One of the things that made me a feminist, has been the chauvinism my husband and I have encountered in the church universal. Insisting that we work as a partnership raised more than a few hackles in some circles. And we too see Jesus’ treating women as equal with men and fail to understand why others can’t.
    I am an associate of the Iona Community, and due to that, and our support of Tearfund, we have grown more exercised about issues of justice, and applaud your efforts to live more justly.
    We wish you both well in your ‘waiting’ in both senses of the word, and in your ‘soon to be’ parenthood.
    Dorothy and John Chambers


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